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Aerial Crane Service

In partnership with Sprint Mechanical, Etobicoke, Ontario, Zimmer Air Services Inc. currently operates a Sikorsky S-58T from Buttonville Airport in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The Sikorsky 58T is a powerful and stable aerial platform that can lift 4,500lbs. on the hook which makes it a very effective tool that can supplement and in many cases replace conventional crane lifting services, at very competitive prices.

What makes this service so desirable is the time to carry out the entire job, start to finish. For example unlike a conventional crane service that takes time to set up, and tear down, we can arrive at daylight, carry out the necessary lifts and be gone before the establishment opens for business. This saves the customers revenue in downtime losses, and reduces potential liability when people are out and about.

A large in stock supply of slings and lanyards keeps jobs with a large number of lifts moving quickly.

We have carried out many lifts over the last 5 years in high density, populated areas on and around high rise buildings. Some of our current and returning customers have included Yorkdale Mall, Square One Mall, Amazon, and the Toronto Transit Authority.