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Aerial Application Services

With over 45 years of experience, Zimmer Air Services Inc. is a leader in aerial application of pesticides, fertilizers, and seeding in Canada.

With a variety of helicopter and airplane types, specialized liquid and granular application equipment, and delivery methods Zimmer Air has a solution for your application needs. We have been actively and continuously engaged in aerial application for agricultural spraying and seeding, forestry spraying and seeding, application of mosquito control products primarily for larval control since the company’s inception.

Zimmer Air Services Inc. uses the latest technology in DGPS Guidance Control, Flow Controllers, Auto Booms, and Nozzle Technologies.

Agriculture Aerial Application

Zimmer Air Services Inc. has been providing aerial application services to the farming community and agribusiness since 1975.

We provide a prompt, efficient, quality service for pesticide applications that have been approved by the PMRA for aerial application. We arrive at your location with everything we need to carry out the application except for the pesticide. It is the grower’s responsibility to provide the pesticide through their retailer for most operations.

All applications are carried out at the Manufacturers Label rates. We do not reduce total water volumes to increase our production and profit at the expense of the grower.

Choosing the correct nozzle, droplet spectrum, placement, and wind shear angle is verified through frequent calibration.

Reducing total volumetric Label Rates may have a negative effect on the efficacy, affecting yield, and plant health.

Rye mix aerially applied over corn crop.


Zimmer Air can effectively apply fertilizers up to approximately 250 lbs. acre using an underslung bucket with slinger attached. Above that dual applications are required which results in substantially increased costs.

The weight carrying capacity of the helicopter is not the determining factor. The proximity of the load site to the field is.

Seeding of grasses, grains and cover crops can all be applied consistently and evenly, even in standing crops with our underslung spreaders without damaging or decreasing yield.

All applications are carried out with GPS guidance systems that can record application data.

Invasive Species

Cattails – Native to Canada

Phragmites – Invasive plant species

We continue to see an increasing number of invasive plant species growing here in Canada. These invasive plants were never meant to be a part of our landscape but were introduced accidently, and in some instances knowingly for a variety of reasons. We now have to deal with them.

Phragmites is particularly damaging to our Eco-System in Ontario. It is a perennial grass, introduced in North America decades ago. It is a prolific plant that grows quickly and displaces natural vegetation in wetlands, affects agriculture, creates roadside safety hazards, and negatively impacts recreational activities among others.

It is now well established here. You may have noted as I have there are few Cattail sites anymore as they have been choked out by this grass. They have reduced the habitat and food supply for birds and other mammals, some of which are now “Species At Risk”.

As you can see from the photos below, Phragmities out-competes everything. It is thick and impossible to drive through. Wetland sites are challenging at best because of the terrain and the need to use equipment that will not sink into the wet ground or get bogged down in the vegetation. This results in a very time consuming and costly treatment program.

Long Point – Patches

Walpole Island – Overtaken by Phragmites

The transition from patches in the wetland to completely overtaking the natural vegetation occurs quickly.

Finally there is a herbicide product that has been registered for use in Canada for aerial application. It is manufactured by BASF Canada and is “Habitat Aqua”. This product allows you to spray over phragmites right up to open water. It will not control submerged vegetation.

Although this product is expensive, large areas can be controlled aerially which can help reduce the overall cost. Below is a link to the product web-site.

Forest Pest Control

Zimmer Air Services Inc. is highly experienced in the control of forest defoliators such as the Spongy Moth, Forest Tent Caterpillar, and Budworm.

Forest Defoliator Control Programs

If you are experiencing tree canopy defoliation by one of these pests, or surveys have identified the potential for moderate to severe defoliation you may wish to consider a larval control program to reduce populations and limit defoliation damage.

Any control program is most effective when adjoining properties experiencing the same problem and are combined to create one homogeneous area.

All programs we carry out use biological products that affect the targeted Lepidopteran caterpillars that are feeding at the time of application and for a couple of days thereafter. These safe and effective products do not affect other insects, bees, birds, or mammals.

Zimmer Air Services Inc. is by far the most experienced company in Canada delivering large scale multi-property aerial control programs.

Contact ZASI for more information on an effective, safe, and affordable program for landowners, cottagers, wood lot managers, and municipalities.

Forestry Aerial Application

With over 45 years of continuous service to the Pulp and Paper Industry and Provincial Natural Resource Ministries Zimmer Air Services Inc. has been providing solutions to the Silviculture market that allows stakeholders to maximize their investment in the sector, and meet their regeneration requirements in a timely and cost effective manner.

ZASI offers a wide variety of services to ensure Forestry Silviculture Regeneration efforts are being met. We strive to provide the highest quality programs, delivered by highly trained and experienced pilots and ground crews. We can execute a full service program from supply of herbicide, posting, security, mix and load, application, and signage removal with no or minimal oversight. You can be assured that any forestry project ZASI delivers will be accomplished on time, safely, and under the strictest SFL guidelines and regulatory compliance, quality, and post program record delivery.

All of the work carried out by ZASI is guaranteed for quality. If it is deemed that we did not deliver as per the terms of the agreement, ZASI will retreat, or rectify the discrepancy as directed by the agreement without question.

Municipal Aerial Application

Zimmer Air Services Inc. is highly experienced and capable in this environment having completed multiple application programs successfully using Twin Engine Helicopters to meet mandated safety requirements from Ontario to British Columbia. Our experience on these programs is unmatched in Canada!

Pests such as the Invasive Species European Spongy Moth in Eastern Canada, and the Asian Spongy Moth in Western Canada create challenging problems for Provincial and Municipal governments. In fact the controls measures in British Columbia for the Asian Spongy Moth are required under a Canadian Food Inspection Agency directive.

Climate change affecting the frequency and severity of these infestations that defoliate, and weaken trees is becoming more important with time. Defoliated trees do not convert CO2 into Oxygen.

Urban forests are equally as important as rural forests. Unfortunately spraying an urban forest in a highly populated municipal setting such as Toronto or Victoria is highly sensitive, and logistically challenging to plan and execute.

Municipal by-laws may need to be passed and/or Provincial permits obtained, and an extensive Risk Assessment must be presented to Transport Canada for approval before a program can proceed. These plans will include application and timing restrictions, aircraft type restrictions, pesticide product restrictions, personnel experience requirements, public consultation and notification, among other requirements.

In 2022 ZASI provided 5 AS355 Twinstars to complete a large Spongy Moth program in the municipalities of Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto, Hamilton, Brantford, London, and other small municipalities in Ontario.