With a variety of helicopter types, liquid and granular application equipment, and delivery methods Zimmer Air has a solution for your application needs. We have been actively and continuously engaged in aerial application for agricultural spraying and seeding, forestry spraying and seeding, application of mosquito control products primarily for larval control

Zimmer Air

Zimmer Air Services Inc. uses the latest technology in DGPS Guidance Control, Flow Controllers, Auto Booms, and Nozzle Technologies.

Agricultural Spraying
(fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers)
Agricultural Seeding
(wheat, rye, cover crops)
Agricultural Fertilizing
(Urea, specialty mixes)
Forestry Spraying
(btk products, herbicides)
Forestry Seeding
(Jackpine, Redpine, Black Spruce)
Maple Bush Fertilizing
Invasive Species Eradication and Control
(Gypsy Moth, Phragmities, etc.)
Forest Pest Outbreaks
(Eastern/European Gypsy Moth, Jackpine/Spruce Budworm, Forest Tent Caterpillar, etc.)
Industrial Vegetation Management
Industrial Vegetation Management
Mosquito Control
(Larval and Adult)
Dust Control for the Mining Industry