Aerial Application Services

With close to 40 years of experience, Zimmer Air Services Inc. is a leader in aerial application of pesticides, fertilizers, and seeding in Canada.

Forest Pest Control

Zimmer Air Services Inc. is highly experienced in the control of forest defoliators such as the Gypsy Moth, Forest Tent Caterpillar, and Budworm.

Forestry Aerial Application

Zimmer Air Services has close to 40 years of continuous aerial application service to the Pulp and Paper Industry and Ministry of Natural Resource managed forests.

Municipal Aerial Application

Zimmer Air Services Inc. has completed multiple application programs successfully using Twin Engine Helicopters to meet mandated safety requirements from Ontario to British Columbia. 


Zimmer Air Services Inc. has been providing aerial application services to the farming community and agribusiness since 1975.

Charter Services

Zimmer Air Services Inc. provides charter services that meet the customer's needs and exceeds the customer's expectations.

Flight Training

Central Helicopters Training Academy is a division of Zimmer Air Services Inc. To view the full capabilities, and helicopter training programs provided by CHTA visit us at


Zimmer Air Services Inc.  provides a number of services to the forest industry in Ontario and out of the Province.

Aircraft Maintenance

Zimmer Air Services Inc. provides in house maintenance for its own fleet of aircraft and third party maintenance for private and commercial aircraft.