Aerial Spraying

Zimmer Air Services Inc. has been providing aerial application services to the farming community and agribusiness since 1975.

We provide a prompt, efficient, quality service for pesticide applications that have been approved by the PMRA for aerial application. We arrive at your location with everything we need to carry out the application except for the pesticide. It is the grower’s responsibility to provide the pesticide.


Many pesticide products do require a Permit and Approval Process administered by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. The length of the process, (2-3 weeks) will usually take too long to be effective unless you have applied for a permit beforehand in anticipation.

This second layer process is not required in most provinces in Canada, increases costs to the growers and reduces yield and profit to the grower waiting for permits to be processed. If you have been affected by this process which is the same as the Neonic Seed Treatment Permit Process do not remain silent. Complain to the Minister of the Environment, Minister of Agriculture, and speak with your farm organization membership and governing body.


Zimmer Air can effectively apply fertilizers up to approximately 250 lbs. acre using an underslung bucket with slinger attached. Above that dual applications are required which results in substantially increased costs.

The weight carrying capacity of the helicopter is not the determining factor. The proximity of the load site to the field is.

Seeding of grasses, grains and cover crops can all be applied consistently and evenly, even in standing crops with our underslung spreaders without damaging or decreasing yield.

All applications are carried out with GPS guidance systems that can record application data.

Zimmer Air Seeding and Fertilizing