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Lambton Shores & District

Spray Waiver 2021

                                                                     ***** RECENT UPDATES *****

APRIL 13, 2021

******Gypsy Moth Program Update April 13, 2021******

By today all properties should be mapped and we are in the Invoicing Phase.

We will be providing Gypsy Moth larvae hatch data on a weekly basis until the program begins.

Aerial applications will begin when we have 90% hatch and sufficient leafout.

Zimmer Air Services Inc. have contracted BioForest Services to carry out those functions before the program starts and to assess defoliation and effectiveness of the applications.

We will be using this website to update those start dates as weather may move dates ahead or back. Warm nice weather moves the dates ahead. Cool inclement weather and the dates move back.

As of today, the earliest potential start date will be May 15th.


March 29, 2021


I would like to take this opportunity as the cut-off date is looming, or possibly has been reached -  MARCH 31,2021- to give you an update on where we are with the Gypsy Moth Control Program in Lambton Shores and region.

First and foremost, I want to assure you that your information is safe in our hands. It will be used only for our internal purposes for this program and your information will never be sold or supplied to third parties. We will not contact you in the future unless it is related to this program.

We indicated that after the program Sign-Up closed, there will be a Lambton Shores Coordinator assigned. That person is Lindsay Wakem. Tel: 519- 358-3928     E-mail:

Lindsay will be happy to address your questions/concerns during regular business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday until the program commences. We will advise of her extended hours at that time.

As this program is a very small part of our business at ZASI, I, (Paul Zimmer) will be shifting my priorities to the long-standing contracts we have in place with SOPFIM in Quebec and the MNRF in Ontario. These forest defoliator programs, which require ZASI as a primary contractor to aerially apply btk to control the Spruce Budworm Larvae will encompass over 800,000 ha’s in 2021.  This will require my absence from SW Ontario for extended periods. Consequently, I will not have the time to address individual concerns relating to the Lambton Shores program. I will certainly help Lindsay however please contact her first and if she cannot address your concerns Lindsay will contact me on your behalf.

Due to the overwhelming interest in this program, we have been swamped with phone inquiries, contracts, questions, etc. There is no disputing the severity of the infestation. To help with the set-up of the program we have rented office space and have hired 12 additional staff to input data, map properties, carry out GIS functions, and interface with participants/non-participants alike. Start to finish it takes almost 45 minutes to process one residential contract. Simply put, we have never been able to catch up which is why you may not even today see your property on the map, and why we must hold firm on these Cut-Off dates.

We expect to have all mapping completed by April 10th. If you have signed up and do not see your property on our map at that time contact Lindsay. There will be some properties we will not be able to spray because of strong opposition to the use of pesticides or for a variety of other reasons. Because of our Waiver Policy you probably already know if your adjoining neighbour falls in that category. At that point in the process, if you have not already been asked for payment we will be asking, and a quick response will ensure your inclusion.

I want to thank all the volunteer coordinators for your help. Without you this program would have never happened, and dependent upon the outcome may never happen again. I truly hope there is a collapse in the populations in 2021 so there is no need to continue any applications in 2022.

ZASI has hired BioForest Technologies to help with application timing and assessment. We will be posting projected hatch out dates on this site as soon as they are available, probably mid-April unless this early spring turns around.

We look forward to a very successful 2021 Gypsy Moth Control Program in Lambton Shores and region.

Paul Zimmer



We will not accept any contracts or applications received or postmarked after March 31st 2021 for this upcoming spray program due to the volume of work. Please make sure to have your application in on time.


December 18th, 2020

FORAY btk - Although not exactly pertaining to the Gyspy Moth outbreak in Lambton Shores the MNRF have just tendered an aerial application program to control an outbreak of the Jack Pine Budworm in the Dryden area. What makes this significant is the fact that this 70,000 Ha program will be using a Foray btk product to control this devastating pest. The take away here is that the Ontario MNRF has a high degree of confidence in the safety of Foray btk biological insecticides being applied to crown lands, and any non-target impacts to lepidopteran caterpillars in the forest has been deemed to be not significant.

LAMBTON COUNTY – I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Jason Cole, General Manager Infrastructure and Development Services for Lambton County today. Jason indicated that Lambton County will decide what action if any the County will take to address the gypsy moth outbreak at a council meeting in February. They did carry out Egg Mass Counts on their Lambton County Heritage Forest site and those counts have indicated that there will be “SEVERE DEFOLIATION” on that site in 2021. Their participation under a Good Neighbor Policy heavily depends on our ability to populate that interactive map on our site, so please don’t get complacent thinking that we have until the end of March to send in contracts. We need to have overwhelming support of this program by that meeting in February.

December 14th, 2020





Greetings. You have made it successfully here so please review the following information provided to determine if you wish to participate in our upcoming 2021 larval control program in Lambton Shores and region.

There is still lots of information available on our Gypsy Moth pages to help explain what we are doing, why we are offering the service, the benefits of the service, and the safety of applications and the btk products we use.

On December 01, 2020 the Lambton Shores Municipal Council agreed to not oppose any third party spraying for the Gypsy Moth within the municipality while maintaining the ability of residents to make decisions relating to their individuals properties. This program is voluntary. Lambton Shores may provide some funding to spray municipal property adjacent to residents who have signed up but will not spray municipal property adjacent to those that will not be participating.

This will make a Municipal aerial spray program very challenging for ZASI and to be quite honest we have never carried out a municipal spray program of this size without the municipality making a commitment to run the program and pass the necessary bylaw to make it the most successful program it could be.

Zimmer Air Services Inc. have however made a commitment to those residents of Lambton Shores that have expressed an interest in the program and pledge we will do our best to get a private program in place for 2021 while respecting the individual rights of all involved. Under a municipal led effort we would have lots of time to get things in place.

Under a privately run program, much time has been spent in “LIMBO” waiting for decisions so setting up this program is well behind that of other groups looking to carry out a program in 2021. ZASI operates with a very small office staff so the sheer number of potential participants will make our job that much harder to circumnavigate.

In have estimated that there are approximately 4,000 acres and 4,000 properties that are affected between Port Franks and Grand Bend. I have also responded to inquiries from groups from somewhere around 16 subdivisions.

Those numbers do not include those to the north in South Huron.

The point to take home is we have a monumental task ahead of us if we are to get this program up and running for 2021


  1. Get your contract and Tax Roll Number in as soon as you can. We have not changed our signup closing date of March 31, 2021, but if people wait until the last minute to send in their contract we simply will not have the personnel to process it in time.DO NOT SEND IN ANY PAYMENT NOWWe will map your property and provide you with payment details at a later date. E-mail is the quickest and most efficient way to get the information to us.
  2. Every resident or lot owner must send in a contract so do not worry about getting all the contracts in your group assembled and sent in as 1 submission if your group is organized as such.
  3. If your group has a lead coordinator that been collecting contracts thank you. You can continue on that path if it is working for your group. Please submit at your earliest convenience. If helpful I have someone in Grand Bend that can come to pick them up.
  4. If you are part of an organized Association or Road Group, ie. ( Southcott Pines) and you are sending in your contract as an individual please write your group down next to the LAMBTON SHORES AND REGION location on the contract to help expedite our mapping of that area.
  5. Once we have your contact we will then map your property and advise of payment requirements in 2021.
  6. Check the ZASI website to ensure you have been added to our database. ZASI will develop a map identifying locations of those that have signed up with ZASI. We hope to do that weekly as well as provide any new information which is below on our update page.
  7. If you are an objector to the spraying and you wish to be identified as not wishing to have overspray on your property please provide your name, contact info and Tax Roll number so we can identify your property on the map in relation to those that have signed up.
  8. No names or personal information will be displayed. Only address locations.
  9. Address your e-mail inquiries to
  10. Address your telephone enquiries to 1-800-665-5485 519-676-9550
  11. Address for mail in contacts is: Zimmer Air Services Inc.9742 Burk Line,Blenheim, OntarioN0P 1A0


Our pricing schedule has not changed. The basic rate of $357.00/lot up to one acre, and $96.00/acre above the one acre value HST included still remains.

What has changed is the potential of receiving much if any in group discounts due to the amount of work and manpower we have devoted to this program and the probable requirement to spray some municipal, unfunded property at our cost plus incur potential additional operational expenses such as traffic control.

Very small lot owners, .5 acres and below please send in your contracts and when we see how the program shapes up we will do what we can to reduce those costs by up to 50%.


Payment post-dated no later than April 15th will be due early 2021 when requested and will be held in trust until the first application has been carried out. Upon completion of the application the payment will be actioned.

Cheques, Visa/Mastercard, and E-Transfers will be accepted.
Note: All banks will not allow post-dated e-transfers. Check with your financial institution if paying this way.


Twin Engine Helicopter(s) equipped with rotary spray atomizers to produce the effective droplet spectrum for maximum effectiveness.

Onboard GPS to accurately navigate from and produce overview maps of what has been sprayed.

Highly experienced pilots in this type of aerial application.

Sufficient Foray 48B to carry out 2 applications at the maximum label rate of 1.6 litres/acre.

A Ministerial Authorization issued by Transport Canada allowing ZASI to fly at heights and over built up areas which is below the Canadian Aviation Regulation minimum heights and lateral distances by demonstrating we can do the program safely. A Lambton Shores Municipal Letter Of Support is required to obtain this Authorization.

Traffic control and temporary road closures during the immediate spray period as required by Transport Canada. We hope to have the operational and financial support of Lambton Shores to help with this.

ZASI will put together a letter to the MECP to request an alternate form of notification of the applications to eliminate the need for individual property pesticide use signs. This request must be submitted under Lambton Shores letterhead.

Timing of applications, and assessment of those applications will be provided hopefully from a third party independent company with expertise in this type of work. BioForest Technologies has been hired by many municipalities and we will be reaching out to them.

A Gypsy Moth coordinator dedicated solely to the Lambton Shores and region program. We will post his/her contact information as soon as it is available.


ZASI will not be actively soliciting residents to sign up for the program It will be a challenge to address those that come willing.

In the spirit of fairness for all participants, we will not be responding to individual requests to modify our contract or pricing schedule to accommodate individual wishes.

Please pay particular attention to NOTE 2 on the contract form which says;

The contractor reserves the right to decline spraying on any property that cannot be accomplished safely, effectively or within existing legislation. Under these circumstances, full payment will be returned.

Eg.: A lot in the middle of a sea of no sprays or a checkerboard of spray/no spray properties may fall in that category.


Please note that Zimmer Air Services Inc. will be closed for the holidays from December 24th to January 4th. During this period Zimmer Air staff will be enjoying a well-deserved break from the office and will not be responding to calls or e-mails except for emergencies.