Thank you for your interest in a potential Gypsy Moth Control Program for 2022.

Unlike in 2020, where Paul Zimmer addressed individuals’ questions and inquiries relating to Gypsy Moth Control programs, that will not be possible in 2021 leading up to a 2022 Gypsy Moth Control Program.

Zimmer Air Services Inc. personnel are still in the field delivering aerial application programs to a long list of customers and will be until the end of September. The 2021 Province Wide Gypsy Moth Control Programs ZASI took on in addition to the company’s regular workload, placed an overwhelming strain on company resources. Trying to set up and deliver these programs would be difficult at the best of times, but doing so during a Global Pandemic presented challenges ZASI personnel could not begin to understand.

ZASI has developed over a 45-year period, a well-established and longstanding client and contract base. Taking on these additional programs reduced the company’s ability to service these regular customers during the same delivery period, and our lack of attention to existing customers was duly noted. These are the companies, individuals, and government entities that keep ZASI in business year after year, and allow ZASI to service individuals and groups like yours every 10, 20, or more years, when a Forest Defoliator outbreak occurs. Not to overstate the obvious, but Gypsy Moth control is not a business model that is sustainable.

How ZASI will deal with potential Gypsy Moth requests leading up to a 2022 program has not been determined as of this date. Discussions by key staff will occur in the next month or two, but suffice to say some big changes are coming from how ZASI tried to deliver programs in 2021. That may include limiting the service area, reducing the number of programs, or having a third party do all the work leading up to the applications, allowing ZASI to concentrate on what they do best - “Aerial Application”.

If ZASI can report anything learned to potential customers, having spent a full 12+ months addressing this latest Gypsy Moth outbreak, it is that these programs are far more complex, and substantially more costly to deliver than estimated or imagined. These 2021 programs are still a “Case Study” in progress.

Your enquiry has been assigned a number and will be addressed in the order received when accurate information can be presented to you on how ZASI will participate in delivering Gypsy Moth Control Programs in 2022.

Thank you for your understanding,

Zimmer Air Services Inc.



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