Health & Safety Policy

As Accountable Executive and President of Zimmer Air Services Inc. I, Paul Zimmer, am committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace environment for all of our employees. To demonstrate this commitment we have elected to participate in the Workplace Safety North Safety Group, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association and are working diligently towards the implementation of a Transport Canada Aviation Safety Management System, "SMS".

I am aware that optimum production and accident prevention are tied together. This can only be achieved by having a properly trained workforce, safe working conditions, properly maintained equipment, and a proactive safety culture that identifies and addresses potential safety hazards before they manifest themselves.

To maintain a safe working environment, compliance with Federal and Provincial Regulation, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and Canada Labour Code is critical. These standards are communicated to all employees through orientation sessions, job specific training, standard operating procedures, and emergency response procedures. To enforce these standards, regular inspections of the workplace and safety meetings are conducted by qualified personnel. Corrective action is carried out when these standards are not met.

Every employee must be equally committed to the safety program through proactive and preventative measures to mitigate safety. Where deficiencies are discovered every employee has the obligation to reduce the potential risk and notify management of the hazard through a hazard.incident reporting process.

The hazard incident reporting system is designed to increase safety and prevent injuries not identify employees for punitive or disciplinary measure. Employees are expected to participate in established reporting systems and comply with safety policies set out in the manual established by the company to increase safety.

Participation in safety programs and reporting systems does however not hold the employee harmless where gross negligence, willful misconduct or illegal activity has occurred outside the Health and Safety Policy.


November 08, 2015

Paul Zimmer

Paul Zimmer Sig
President/Accountable Executive
Zimmer Air Services Inc.

Health and Safety Policy